Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard the name before, but who is Pearl Insurance?

Pearl Insurance is Council 66's only endorsed provider of supplemental insurance programs.


What are supplemental insurance programs?

Supplemental insurance programs provide you with benefits not covered by your major medical insurance or workers’ compensation. The programs are voluntary and you pay for them individually, which is what makes them different from the benefits provided to you by Council 66. Some examples of supplemental insurance programs include life, disability, auto, and home insurance.


Is Pearl Insurance an insurance company?

Not exactly. Pearl Insurance is an insurance broker. We work with insurance companies—like New York Life, MetLife, Travelers, and Safeco—and with the Council 66 Insurance Committee to create programs that are exclusive to Council 66 members and are available at group rates.


What does Pearl Insurance do for Council 66 members?

Pearl Insurance creates and markets insurance programs based on the specific needs of Council 66 members and their families. All of our insurance programs that are available to you—Term Life, Group Disability, etc.—were designed exclusively for you and your fellow members.

Our Council 66 insurance representatives also provide worksite marketing, making it easy for you to get a free consultation or purchase insurance right at your job.

In short, we provide you with quality insurance plans at competitive rates in a convenient format.


What's unique about Pearl Insurance's programs?

The programs are underwritten by top rated carriers, offer comprehensive benefit structures tailored to Council 66 members, come with highly competitive premiums, and have an ongoing endorsement of quality.

They're available at group rates—the more Council 66 members, the lower premiums for you.

They're available with convenient Payroll Deduction—no monthly checks to write!