Group Comprehensive Accident Insurance Plan (CAP)

CAP is designed to provide Council 66 members and their spouses/domestic partners (under age 60 and actively at work) with bundled accidental insurance protection, on or off the job. CAP provides three different accidental coverages under one plan: Accident Hospital Indemnity, Accident Disability Income, and Accidental Death.

Together, these coverages can help protect you from the potential financial hardships an accident may cause. This plan pays a cash benefit directly to you for injuries sustained from a covered accident and also includes an emergency room benefit—exclusively for Council 66 members!

Note: This plan does not provide coverage for sickness.

Plan Highlights:

  • Accident Hospital Indemnity Benefit: $100 per day for hospitalization up to 500 days, plus $50 outpatient emergency accident benefit up to 2 visits per year (payable for visits that do not require hospitalization)
  • Accident Disability Income Benefit: $1,000 per month up to 12 months
  • Accidental Death Benefit: $100,000 for a covered accidental death if death occurs within 365 days of the original accident
  • Acceptance is guaranteed for eligible members and spouses/domestic partners: there’s no medical exam or health questions!


You pay just $9.09 per bi-weekly paycheck for member coverage, or $18.08 for member and spouse coverage.*

*Based on 26 pay periods. Rates may be changed by New York Life Insurance Company on any premium due date and any date on which benefits are changed.