Shopping for insurance is not something people want to spend much time doing. With help from Pearl Insurance's Jennifer Wells, we barely had time to blink and everything was already done for us! Jennifer was wonderful to work with—she helped us save almost $600 on our auto and home insurance with a policy that offered even better coverage than what we already had.

I highly recommend Pearl Insurance—all it takes is one call or email, and you'll be on your way to finding out how much money you can save by making the switch!

— Tammie and Shaun Barnhart

When I called Pearl Insurance to inquire about renters insurance, they also quoted car insurance for me. My agent saved me over $500 a year on car insurance. I encourage all Members to contact Pearl Insurance for all insurance needs.

— Melissa Lee

I recently had the pleasure of the expert services of Jennifer Wells, Representative for Pearl Insurance. I found Jennifer to be very knowledgeable about the products that Pearl Insurance offers. Jennifer was truly and sincerely excited to tell me that I could save over $2,400 per year for Auto and Homeowners insurance. Jennifer exhibits the caring nature that Pearl Insurance possesses. Thank you Jennifer and Pearl Insurance.

— Don Kelly

While on disability my Pearl Insurance was a lifesaver. Their phone agents were helpful and informative. They are always pleasant and eager to help. My payments were timely and a great supplement that were definitely needed.

— Kelly B

"Pearl Insurance was there for me in my time of need."

I would like to share my experience with Pearl Insurance letting everyone know that in my time of need they were there for my family and me. I was in a car accident the beginning of the year as well as my mom passing away and was out of work for 5 months, and as long as I sent in my proper documents, Pearl Insurance was there for me in my time of need.

— Ms. Tracey Jones

Your support throughout 2 back surgeries (2006 and 2012) has been a blessing to our family, especially when food had to be bought and prescriptions picked up. Choosing Pearl Insurance when I joined NYS employment was among the smartest choices I have ever made for my family and me. Thanks so much!

— Tom Kiebala

I'm a proud customer of your company!

— Linda H Demars

I am a cancer survivor as well as a 30-year O.R. Nurse. During my illness the staff at Pearl Insurance have all helped me through my disability. They are warm, friendly and caring people. It's good to say a company is financially successful, but it's better to say a company has staff that deal well with people, as yours does! Thank you!

— Patricia Hall, RN

Sometimes when it's too good to be true, it's true! Pearl Insurance saved me a few hundred dollars on my car insurance. It's fast, easy and convenient. If you don't believe me, just call yourself, you'll see!

— Monica F. Dixon

I was very impressed with insurance agent Bob; he was very helpful and very polite. Thank you!

— Judith Torello

You all are just really helpful and have been great to work with. Everything went smoothly. Just keep up the good work!

— Cheryl Bowman

"Pearl Insurance saved me a few hundred dollars on my car insurance. It's fast, easy and convenient."

I lost some of my income when I was out for surgery - Pearl Insurance made that up with my benefit from my policy. You never know what's in your future and Pearl Insurance can certainly give you a confident feeling. Several of us took advantage at the orientation and I'm glad I did; the premium comes out of my check so I never have another bill to pay!

— Linda H.

I am very pleased that I purchased this extra insurance. I had major surgery and was off work 10 weeks; it helped me keep my bills on track so all I had to worry about was my recovery. The process was easy and the representatives were great. For the little bit of money it cost, it was well worth it when I needed it. I strongly recommend this insurance.

— Laura Thomson

I was surprised when my auto and home owner's renewal came in. The increase was unacceptable especially with no tickets or claims. I called Pearl Insurance for a quote. The service was great and they saved me $328.00 on my auto insurance. Same coverage. Now they have my group life insurance plus my home and auto. As a Council 66 retiree every dollar counts.

— Joe Coletta - Retiree

This Disability Insurance is important because you never know when you'll get hurt at work, or outside of work, or end up sick. I have used it for a motorcycle accident, surgery and childbirth.

— Patti L. Hartel

What I love about Pearl Insurance is the great selection of available products that I can pick up or drop as my life and needs change, great rates on insurance from Life to Pet (which I have both) and easy payroll deduction. Life is great but be prepared!!

— Frank Caliguri

Pearl Insurance made my 6-week situation very easy to deal with. Thank you for the quick processing of paper work and the great customer service I received.

— Bernice E. Brown

Their representatives were wonderful and courteous.

— Wanda Haskell

Any time I had a problem or needed to inquire about my claim the customer service representatives were always knowledgeable and courteous. Thank you for making the process easy!

— Shuanise Ludvig

If I did not have Council 66 Disability Insurance I would not have been able to pay my monthly bills and I would have lost my house. You never know when you are going to get sick and need the income; thank goodness for this insurance!

— Geraldine Puleo

I'm an Erie County employee, and we do not get any Disability Insurance from New York State. Sick time can go so fast; so having this protection can really give you peace of mind. It's a great deal for young workers who are starting a family.

— Cathy Evens

I was so impressed with their service and receiving my check so quickly, I increased my coverage.

— Diane Demarco

I was very pleased with the overall service. It has been one of the best investments I've ever made. Thank you so very much!

— Maria D. Young

Your staff is very polite and helpful. It's a pleasure.

— Portia Headspeth

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